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User & Consumer Research

We in Inklife Digital, do extensive user research to understand different stakeholders and end users to map their interaction points and to unravel their realized and unrealized needs. This not only helps us in making the application interesting and easy, but also helps us to understand the category better.


We put a lot to develop a frame for your imagination, in the prog community it’s called as wireframes. But wait it’s just not the idea or concept, to unravel it further we do a lot of user research and ideation, because we believe in “beauty lies in simplicity” and hence the design should be simple, user centric & outstanding.
As per the process, the research inputs are utilized in designing mockups using
After the initial mockups we finalize the wireframe in consultation with our designing consultants, who are generally people from the creative background.

Technologies we work on


For almost half a decade we have worked with Large, Small & Medium enterprise, and startups, on development of applications for different categories viz e-commerce, social, construction, legal, retail, automotive & insurance.
Once the designs & wireframes are finalized, we call a bunch of geeks (our programmers) to understand the best technology for the designs, and ideate on the concept. We know that a website is face of your organization and sometimes it is the organization, hence we aptly focus on technology, implementation of the concept design & last but not the least security of your critical information.


It takes great effort to create something, but its takes grater effort to maintain it further. We all know in this fast paced and dynamic domain everything is getting updated, modified & changed, hence we put a very stable & dynamic setup to maintain your web platform, adding to this we update the needed technology & implement the modification and changes suggested with a zero lag to display.


In this era of booming online domain, a beautiful idea can lose its place if not promoted properly. Hence it is of utmost importance to market your creation.
Be it the social space or the professional micro blogging or even just a simple search, the product should be in place with the right audience. Over the course of time and integrating the experience earned from various consumer & user researchs we have unraveled some unique ideas that helps in optimal utilization of resources in hand, which further leads to desired results, economically, effictively & efficiently.
In addition we have inducted a team of desiners who work on designing creatives for digital marketing, they use research inputs, their technical skills and ofcourse creativity to generate effective and smart designs.